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Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazing Unicorn Crest Sign with Spero Melior Motto

UPDATE: This item is SOLD

So, I just came across this incredible carved wood unicorn sign! I looks as though it would make a cool pub sign, but it could be someone may have had it made as a sort of family crest. Apparently, this particular unicorn design is prevalent in traditional heraldry.

More about the piece: It's large, 30 inches high, and looks to be hand carved from 1 1/4 inch thick wood. The saying across the top 'Spero Melior', is Latin for 'I hope for better things'.

I think this would look AMAZING in a bar, restaurant, or home.

Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Unicorn Rustic Wall Decor - $495
Spero Melior - I Hope for Better Things

After some Googling, I found this image of a Unicorn Rampant from the 1909 publication  Complete Guide to Heraldry on WikiSource. 

And what is a Rampant, you may ask? Well, here's what Wikipedia has to say about that:


A beast rampant (Old French: "rearing up") is depicted in profile standing erect with forepaws raised.[2] The position of the hind legs varies according to local custom: the lion may stand on both hind legs, braced wide apart, or on only one, with the other also raised to strike; the word rampant is sometimes omitted, especially in early blazon, as this is the most usual position of a carnivorous quadruped. Note: the term segreant denotes the same position, but is only used in reference to griffins and dragons.[3] Rampant is the most frequent attitude of quadrupeds, and as supporters they are rarely seen in any other attitude.

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