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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi there.

Vintage Sadie
My name is Sarah, and I have a little vintage shop on Etsy.  I first fell in love with vintage in the tenth grade, when my poor put-upon father dragged me down to the local Salvation Army store so that I could get my very own 'boyfriend blazer', and hopefully quit stealing his. I think he was tired of having the sleeves wrinkled from being rolled up, and of finding stray candy wrappers, lipsticks, and tampons in his pockets. I remember being awestruck by the racks and racks Lawrence Welk style gowns, polyester double knit separates, and fabulous, funky accessories. I'm pretty sure my father had to drag me out of there after well over an hour. I did have my very own menswear blazer when I left, though. I remember it was a subdued grey check, and smelled faintly of old man and moth balls. I was hooked.

Another passion of mine is music, so I'm going to pepper my blog with my musical inspirations because 1) it's my blog, and I do what I like, and 2) I'm kinda lazy, and pasting in a link from YouTube is easier than writing a fully fleshed out blog post. So there.

So anywho, I hope you will enjoy it. Or at least not want to stab yourself in the eye with a felting needle after reading it.

XOXO Sarah

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