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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Identifying Vintage Paint by Number Paintings

I recently found a wonderful 1950s Paint by Number Jesus painting, and was immediately drawn in by it's fabulous color scheme. When I brought it home, I knew just where to turn for more information about it. The Paint by Number Museum is an excellent online resource for PBN collectors. There is a library with links links to articles and resources, but the most helpful part, in my opinion, is the search function. I just typed 'Jesus' into the keyword field, and I was able to quickly ascertain that my new PBN was titled 'Portrait of Christ', and was first sold in a kit with two other pictures in 1956.

Vintage 1950s Paint by Number "Portrait of Christ" at SadieBess Vintage

I first found the Paint by Number Museum's site a few years ago when I was researching very nice example of a PBN clown I had found. It turned out to be based on a Norman Rockwell painting.

There are a lot more fun examples of Paint by Number art on Etsy right now. Here are some of my favorites:

Vintage Paint by Number Horse Painting at Vintagcollectorlove

Rare 1960s SciFi Paint by Number at SquirrelRanch

Pair of Vintage Dutch Village Scene Paint by Numbers at TheeLetterQ

Vintage Butterfly Paint by Number Painting at carouselandfolk

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